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Decentralizing Healthcare and Fitness

Epillo began with the intent of creating a healthy planet while decentralising healthcare and fitness where everyone gets full control of their health data. We fulfil all of your healthcare needs through a first-of-its-kind blockchain-secured health ecosystem which is governed by the native currency of our project- EPILLO Health Token. This token offers multifarious utilities in the entire Epillo ecosystem.

With the intent to decentralise the healthcare and fitness industries, we are distributing our Tokens. Spread the word, participate in the Airdrop and be a part of the Epillo community!

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25 FitMint Wear Pro Smartwatches


To be declared on

25th March 2023

12:00 PM GMT 


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Where is EPILLO Health Token listed?

EPILLO Health Token is listed on the top leading Exchanges such as P2B Crypto Exchange as well as Crypto Price Reference Platforms such as CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and more.

What are the utilities of EPILLO Health Token?

Not limited to swapping and staking, the EPILLO token can be redeemed to avail products and health & wellness services such as Health Retail Investments, Health Insurance, Medical Aids & Devices, Health Products, Nutraceuticals, Genomics testing (DNA) & Clinical testing services, Global Health
Consultations, and more.

Where is EPILLO Health Token deployed?

EPILLO Health Token is deployed on the Polygon (Ethereum Scaling Blockchain) chain to offer fast and low cost transactions with a secure and scalable network.

What is EPILLO Health Ecosystem?

It is a first-of-its-kind decentralized healthcare ecosystem consisting of a network of several healthcare brands providing users with an array of products and services that can be accessed using FitMint Wear smart wearables.

Originated out of Europe, represents the Blockchain vertical of the Epillo Health Group. At, we are consistently harnessing cutting-edge blockchain technology and the multifarious utilities that it offers.